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Prior to receiving your Construction Certificate for your new or existing commercial development that you are remodeling, you’ll need to make sure your development is compliant with Section J of the BCA.

Contact us today and we’ll issue you with a complete and detailed Section J Report – Deemed to Satisfy in the next 3 business days, ensuring your development is not only compliant, but avoids any unplanned costs that could creep up if you delay this assessment, or try and proceed without it.
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Section J Reports Australia

Do you need someone to assist you with your Section J report for your next development project?

Section J Reports Australia are here to make sure that you’re right on top of your BCA section J compliance.

Section J Building Code Australia

Our considerable experience and expertise in this area mean that we can handle the whole process for you, keeping you fully compliant while ensuring that you use the minimum amount of energy possible during your project and maximize your savings.

We’re fully committed to helping you to construct your development in the most energy-efficient manner possible so that you not only reduce the environmental footprint of your project but keep your expenses to a minimum.

No matter where you are in Australia, or whether your project in based in the country or the city, we’ll take care of all your Section J compliance obligations, and provide cost-effective, sustainable solutions.

Keeping your project compliant with Section J Building Code while saving you money

Ensuring that your project is compliant with the Building Code of Australia also known as the National Construction Code (NCC) requirements can be a full-time job.

That’s why, as independent Section J BCA specialists, we’re here to handle the process on your behalf. In fact, we’re the only company you need to ensure that you meet all the criteria as laid down by the BCA.

We’ll make sure that your development not only achieves Section J compliance but that it will enjoy reduced running costs too.

Our service is thorough, timely and competitively priced and we always strive to develop a high level of two-way communication to ensure that any delays or misunderstandings are minimised.

Competitively priced Section J reports – Deemed to Satisfy from BCA Section J specialists

When you choose Section J Reports Australia to provide your Part J compliance report, you can be sure that your project will be handled by BCA Part J specialists who are fully accredited with the Building Designers Association of Victoria (BDAV).

We’re experts in all aspects of Section J and are one of the very few companies who specialise in Section J Reports Australia wide.

We also have the experience and expertise to give advice on any modifications needed in the design stage to ensure that your project is as trouble-free as possible.

What is a Section J Report?

Section J reports are compulsory for the construction of commercial buildings such as factories, offices and warehouses. They provide confirmation that the building plans are compliant with official government regulations issued by the National Code of Construction.

The purpose of Section J is to minimise greenhouse gas emissions by regulating the materials and designs used when constructing a new building.

A Section J report will detail the construction materials set to be used in the project and will indicate what, if anything, needs to be done for the plans to be brought into line with the standards outlined in the Building Code of Australia (BCA) Section J.

Once your plans have been assessed and are ‘deemed to satisfy’ the BCA Section J requirements, you’ll be issued with a BCA Section J compliance report and will have the green light to move on to the next phase of your construction project.

The Eight Categories of Section J

BCA guidelines show eight distinct categories of BCA Section J compliance. These categories are:

  1. Fabric performance of the ceiling and roof, floors and external walls
  2. External glazing
  3. Building sealing
  4. Air movement by natural ventilation/ceiling fans etc.
  5. Heating, air-condition and ventilation systems
  6. Artificial lighting
  7. Hot water and swimming pool/spa water
  8. Facilities for monitoring energy use and access for maintenance

When a new construction design is considered by experts to have incorporated the latest and most effective techniques in order to guarantee maximum performance in all 8 of the above categories, it is accepted as being compliant with the Section J building code.

What Information is Required?

All you’ll need to provide for us so we can conduct the assessment and issue you with your Section J building code compliance report are copies of your architectural drawings, showing layout, orientations, wall constructions, roof type, window size etc.

With this information, we’ll be able to either confirm that you’re compliant or tell you exactly what you need to do in order to become compliant, in just a matter of days.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose us to provide your report, you can be sure that the entire process will be swift and hassle-free.

Within 24-hours, we’ll get back to you with a quote; and, once you’ve confirmed you’d like us to do the job, we’ll provide you with your report in just 5 days or less.

And, if your plans aren’t quite up to the BCA Part J standards on the first time around, our friendly and highly experienced team will work with you to ensure you have all the information and advice you need to make the necessary adjustments.

Contact the BCA Section J specialists at Section J Reports Australia

If you’d like us to handle your BCA Section J report, simply email the plans of your project to us, and we’ll provide you with a comprehensive free no-obligation quote.

Alternatively, you can call us anytime on 1300 584 010.

You’ll find that all our reports are very competitively priced and, as we do all our work via email wherever possible, we can produce a timely BCA Section J report for you, no matter where your new development happens to be in Australia, whether that’s in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, AdelaidePerth, Darwin, Geelong, Wollongong, Canberra or Gold Coast.
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When you order a comprehensive report through Section J Reports Australia you’ll…

  • Get a free quote within 24-hours…
  • Receive your report in 3 business days or less, dependent on your needs…
  • Get free follow up advice via phone or email regarding your report
    (We can talk to architects, builders, clients, or any other stakeholders)…
  • Free amendments to the final report as needed
    (first hour free)…
  • And fast and easy, Australia-wide service…

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Fast, Nationwide Coverage For Your Section-J Needs

Many developers are under the assumption that to get a Section J report issued your provider needs to be in-state.

This isn’t the case, and in many instances it’s actually easier to work with a remote business than wait around for someone to turn up on your site.

Take Section J Reports Australia for example – our process is simple. Just request a quote, email us your plans, and we’ll send back everything you need to allow the Certifier to issue the CC.  All reports are issued within 3 business days for a fair price.

Do This At The Building Design Stage And Save Thousands…

Make the mistake of ordering windows, insulation or any other fitting before you’ve got Section J approval and you could find yourself throwing away thousands of dollars.

But order a Section J report today and we’ll make sure your building is fully compliant before you spend a dollar on materials. And even make suggestions on ways you can reduce your costs without sacrificing on structure, aesthetics or your client’s brief.

Why Australia’s Top Architects, Engineers And Builders Trust Section J Reports…

“Thank you very much for the Section J Reports you prepared for us recently for two large projects. Your turnaround time was excellence and your fees are very competitive.

I will be recommending your services to others.”

Richard BennettHill Top Planners

“Environmental performance and energy efficiency are fundamental to all of our projects. Negotiating Section J under the BCA, can be quite difficult however. For this reason, we use Section J Reports Australia Wide to simplify the process and ensure all requirements are met. Their expert consultancy and advice, provides confidence from beginning to end, on each and every job.”

Maarty HollebrandseDirector - Ziel Design

Detailed Section J Reports Delivered in 3 Business Days & More…

Lead by Director Joseph Lorriman – who holds membership with the Building Designers Association of Victoria (BDAV) and Certificate IV in NatHERS Assessment – Section J Reports Australia is also part of Evergreen Energy Consultants and are happy to assist across a range of services, including…
Basix Certificates
NatHERS Assesments
Project Management of DA Applications

Your 100% Accuracy Guarantee

We’ve never been asked by a client to explain or amend a report. And we’re so confident that your Section J report will help you pass compliance smoothly that we’re willing to offer the following rock-solid guarantee.

If there’s ever an issue with the accuracy of your report, or you find an error, we’ll happily amend it at no cost and work with you until your plans achieve a pass.

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