National Construction Code Section J Energy Efficiency Assessments

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What is NCC Section J?

Under the National Construction Code, all new class 2-9 builds must comply with regulatory standards regarding energy efficiency. There’s no way around this unfortunately. All applications for Development or Construction Certificates must be accompanied with a completed Section J report.

Do I need a Section J report?

Before you order materials, you need to commission a Section J assessment and submit your Section J report. The report can help to prevent costly building mistakes and stop you from purchasing materials that are not compliant as well as helping you to identify energy-efficient practices and materials that can actually reduce the cost of a project.

The Section J Assessment

An assessment of the proposed design and developments plans in terms of its compliance with minimum Section J standards can be conducted using either of the following two methods:

Deemed-To-Satisfy Assessment

A Deemed-to-Satisfy assessment is typically conducted where the designers, project patron and construction company do not want to deviate far from their planned design and use of materials.

The Section J reporting company will check all of the design elements of the proposed development against the Deemed to Satisfy (DTS) provisions of the National Construction Code and assess their rate of compliance.

This will typically involve the following tasks:

  • Undertaking a preliminary performance assessment of all building drawings and specifications
  • Providing recommendations regarding any changes to drawings and specifications required to meet BCA standards
  • Preparation and delivery of a final Performance Assessment Report, based on amended drawings and specifications, which explores the project’s compliance under each category (J1, J2, J3 etc.) in the Section J report
  • Delivery of an overall Opinion of Compliance regarding the project’s ability to meet Section J standards.

Energy Modelling Verification Assessment

The energy modelling verification method (JV3) uses a thermal simulation of the proposed construction development. This is then compared with a reference building that meets all the DTS requirements of the NCC Section J to determine the proposed development’s ability to meet compliance with various elements of the Section J report.

This is an innovative form of assessment that requires specialist expertise to ensure minimal risk of the rejection of your building application.

Your Trusted Provider of Expert Section J Assessments

Section J assessments require specialist expertise. What happens when you entrust the assessment of Section J compliance in the hands of an inexperienced assessor and provider? Building application rejection – the dreaded fear of any construction company or developer.

Don’t run the risk on unnecessary project delays. Get an accurate Section J assessment from the dedicated experts in the field – that’s us, Section J Reports Australia. We have completed hundreds of Section J reports for building companies across Australia, and we’ve yet to receive a request to amend a report.

We ensure total accuracy with our Section J reports. In fact, we are so confident we will deliver an effective, accurate assessment that we offer a rock-solid guarantee to immediately rectify any required changes at no cost until your application is passed.

Completed Section J Deemed To Satisfy Assessment Reports in Just 3 Days

At Section J Reports Australia, we work efficiently, we work effectively and we work fast. We can deliver a free quote for completing a Section J Report for your specific development within 24 hours. Once you’re happy with that competitive quote, we’ll ensure to turnaround the completed assessment and report in just 3 business days.

We can provide Section J reports and assessment for companies and construction projects Australia wide. We’re ready and waiting to take your call on 1300 584 010 and give you’re a full, honest appraisal of your development plans, complete with a competitive quote.

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